About us


Life-element is a collective of teachers and healers who are passionate about sharing their gifts and skills to help people transform.  We are all very different people and we enjoy that diversity, it means we can offer a variety of teaching styles, healing practices and community initiatives.  However, we have a common goal, which is to help people be in their element!


Sivaroshan, worked in the city of London for over 10 years and is passionate about helping out Londoners. He is now a yoga teacher and healer and works on life-element to help bring together great teachers, healers and organisations to serve everyday people.He is a choco –holic, loves Rugby and is a demon Badminton player.









Perla (Kirinpreet Kaur) doesn't like  bananas, but loves travelling around the world.  She has a background in musical production, science, philosophy and education but her passion is people! She spends her time sniffing out good causes where she can help; at the Portman Centre she has pioneered women only yoga, in one of London’s poorest communities; she is also leading the way, taking yoga into the hospitals to help children with chronic fatigue syndrome. Perla is currently a yoga teacher in North  London.







Charanpal combines his work as a publisher and exhibition organiser with his passion for teaching kundalini yoga. He strongly believes in the power of a regular yoga and meditation practice to act as a catalyst for anyone to achieve higher levels of awareness, health and excellence in daily life, and feels blessed to be able to introduce others to the joys and benefits of kundalini yoga technology.