Community Projects

"Several years ago I was working on an eco –conservation project in Nepal, it was one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of my life. I lived with a family, learned about their culture and worked with a great team…amazing" By Sivaroshan (founder of Life-Element).

Well you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to reap the rewards that volunteering has to offer. There is a saying in the yoga world that if you give 10% it comes back tenfold... N.B. I don’t think it works if the goal is making money, so no betting please!

At Life-Element we are involved in several Community/conservation based projects that we would love you to get involved with if you feel drawn, just check out the relevant page in the Community section.

So our basis for community is that nothing in life is ever achieved on your own, it is vital to have people and organisations around you that are going in the same direction. So part of what we offer at Life-element is a connection to partners that have the same ideals as us. This enables us to leverage each other’s capabilities to grow and achieve our shared visions. We have several Partners that we are working with WellbeingintheCity, LOMAX and Metatronic Healing® They are featured in our partnership section.