Nothing in this world is achieved on your own. Life-Element works with several organisations that have the same goals of helping people achieve wellbeing in their lives. We actively work together, leveraging our areas of expertise to help our clients and students.


Wellbeinginthecity are a young dynamic organisation dedicated to helping people find wellbeing and help through delivering practical, innovative, fun and easily accessible wellbeing solutions. They have numerous wellbeing ‘gatherings’ happening most weeks and deliver their vision through their social networking website. (link:


LOMAX are another young dynamic organisation, (yes there seems to be a trend here!!) that are innovatively fusing classical gym based fitness, nutrition and Health. They offer services in the home and at their space in London Victoria. LOMAX (Victoria) is our preferred location for providing Metatronic Healing sessions for our clients. They have excellent facilities along with wonderful staff. (Link:


Metatronic-Life is the provider of one of the latest and effective alternative health based systems to be developed in recent times. Metatronic Healing helps us to energetically let go of the old stories that hold us back in our lives. I work with Metatronic Life’s founder Pippa Merrivale to deliver training course and workshops in London and around the UK. (Link: