Philipa Gammell

A history of serious injuries as a professional skier brought Philly’s attention to the healing power of touch, breath and mindfulness. After recovering, she moved to Canada to study with some of the most renowned rolfing, shiatsu, cranio sacral and massage practitioners in the world. They taught her to listen to the body and how to create bespoke treatments for each individual.

Since then she has treated professional athletes, dancers, injured weekend warriors and those with chronic tension.

The treatment

After an initial consultation a treatment can include a diverse range of techniques from sports massage and deep tissue to a gentle healing treatment with elements of cranio sacral therapy and energy work. She works with the breath bringing the client’s mind and body back into balance and harmony.

The Benefits

For those looking for injury relief or rehabilitation, a course of treatments will prepare your body to re-enter your fitness regime. For those looking to relieve stress from work, theday to day struggles or for those simply looking to relax and getaway, a treatment with both calm your body and your mind and reinvigorate you for the days ahead.


“Philipa understands more than just muscle pain, her approach makes 60 min

feels like a full day spa”

Nathalie, client


To book Philipa please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it