Metatronic Healing

Metatronic healing is a high vibrational healing that taps into the energy of the universe/angelic realm in the form of etheric energy transmissions. The high vibrational energy penetrates our cellular structure helping the recipient to let go of the stories and traumas held within the mind body system that is so often the cause of pain, depression and disease.

The Metatronic Healing System (developed by Pippa Merivale) offers you a chance to learn what has been unlearned. The act of surrendering to our own grace, a way to realise the completeness that we already are. The healing is delivered either in a 1-1 session or in a group session. Courses in Metatronic Healing are also available, the training enables the participant to directly connect with the energies for their own personal transformation and ultimately so that they can become practitioners themselves.

1-1 Metratronic Session

In a one-one session, the energies are used to help let go of a block or issue that is holding a person back in their life. The practitioner begins by talking with you about your needs, this is not Psycho analysis... the client need not reveal what the issue is but sometimes it can be helpful to voice what it is that we wish to let go of, but this is not a requirement.

The treatment is energy based so the client remains fully clothed with the onus on comfort, so a shawl or blanket may be used if desired. You will be guided through a relaxation process to create a tranquil healing space. The energies will then be invoked and you will normally be asked to be guided to where in your body you feel the ‘Issue’ in question resides? Often this will be revealed as a tightness or heaviness in a certain part of the body.

Once the body location of the issue is discovered the practitioner will help give shape and substance to the feeling, to ensure your awareness of the feeling is clear and as un-ambiguous as possible...this will all help in the letting go process to come.

We then begin a process of letting go, using the Metatronic Energies to help disperse or remove the discomfort held within the body. The practitioner facilitates this process though the use of words to bring focus to the area and supporting the intention to let go!

Most people will feel that the blockage moves or is dispersed, this can be instant or can take some time, there is no right or wrong. Depending on the situation, the practitioner may work on other blockages that arise or also use the energy for Chakra healing. The process finishes with a healing gift to the areas where blockage has been removed; before you are gently brought back to a normal awake state. Clients often feel that a weight has been removed and feel lighter and happier, but it is not uncommon to also feel emotional as often we may be working with something that has been with you for a while, this is fine and is part of the process of letting go. Click here To Book a Session with Sivaroshan

Metatronic Group Healing Sessions

A metatronic group session is a fantastic way for you to experience the energies. It has a very different feel to a 1-1 session and can be a nice way to experience the energies for the first time.

In a group Metatronic session you lie or sit down in a comfortable position while you are guided through a relaxing meditation to help you let go of any issues that are causing pain or suffering. The concept being that lower vibrations ( disharmony) can be overcome and transformed by higher vibrations(harmony). The session lasts around 1 hour and includes time for feedback at the end. The results are very specific to the participant but they will often feel a letting go, a deep relaxation and often clarity on an issues that were previously causing confusion.

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Metatronic Foundation Course Healing

Your cellular system is forever modifying and adapting. The energy of this age is “high vibration!”, the huge influx of healing modalities and the exponential uptake of spiritual practises such as yoga and tai chi amongst others are all helping us to get ready to realise our true divine nature.

The Metatronic system has been gifted to us to realise our divinity in a very real and direct way. The foundation course contains a system of 7 attunements and accompanying transmissions, that contain the vibration of light. The attunements at this level are colour based with the energies within each transmission some how unlocking the patterning of your DNA to enable you access these frequencies for your own personal development and elevation. The energies can then be channelled by yourself for your own wellbeing. Metatronic Healing is a progressive system, with Intermediate, Advanced & Cosmic courses that follow. To become a Practitioner of the system you must complete the Advanced level or training.

The foundation course last 3 days and costs a total of £330. To book a place Click here To found out more please email: