Glastonbury 2012 (Autumn: Myth, Legend & New Dawn)

Four day retreat, September 27th - 30th 2012

Programme Starts from 4.30pm on Thursday 27th September and finishes
on Sunday the 30th September at 2pm

The Turning of the seasons is often the best time to get away for
contemplation, relaxation and renewal. Yet this year is extra
special…whatever your thoughts on 2012 it is here and now with Dec 21,
2012 marking the end of the Mayan Calendar.
This time will be the marking of collective consciousness willing for
change, so why not embrace the spirit of a worldwide elevated

What's new this year?

We shall be building on previous retreats, enhancing our program and
keeping it alive to experience the energy, myth and legend of
Glastonbury. New to September 2012 will be a visit to the abbey,
steeped in history and a peaceful energy, the Abbey resides in 36
acres of beautiful parkland and is said to be the burying place of
King Arthur and Queen Guinevere…. during the retreat we shall be
tapping into sacredness of this space.

We shall also once again visit the tor and chalice wells renewing our
connection to them (for those who have been before) and going deeper
with some new insights to their etheric function.

The programme

The programme will be held within the framework of Kundalini Yoga and
Guided Healing meditations. The Kriyas shall take us into the space to
reveal what is needed for you in this transitional time of the year.
We shall be staying at the Shekinashram with its usual wonderful, food
and energy.


Prices for retreat are: £350 for Inside the House (Early Bird Price* £320)
£320 for Dorm - Mixed (4 spaces) (Early Bird Price* £290)
£330 for Yurt (Early Bird Price £300)
Deposit 50% of Price.
*Valid till 31st July 2012

This price includes all meal, 3 nights accommodation and all yoga and
healing activities. Spaces are limited to 14 only so please book early if you wish to reserve a space.