Life-element retreats are about getting into nature and transforming by connecting with the land while also practising yoga or one of our other activities. Most of our retreats are easily accessible from London around 2 hours train ride so you can easily fit the break into your lives. Retreats are ‘focussed time-outs’ that maximise your ability to recharge and refresh, a weekend retreat can have the impact of a week’s holiday or more!!!…so if getting time-off is an issue a Life-Element retreat could be perfect, to maximise the effectiveness of your free-time.

We often get desensitised in cities or towns. The ROUTINE becomes our world; the healing memories of our last trip into nature have faded….. Yet when we are on holiday we love being away, is it the fact that we cannot be disturbed by work colleagues and there is no way to access the old familiar constructs of our life? Yes!!! Absolutely….however, there is also something powerful about connecting to the land. The Earth Element, recharges us, it acts as a giant vacuum cleaner allowing us to let go of the mental baggage that weighs us down.

What to expect?

Most of our retreats will have themes or will have clear combinations, i.e. Yoga & Healing, Yoga & writing…etc. There will be a programme developed that will take you deeper into the experience. The programme is great as it takes choice away, another mental overhead…it sounds silly but sometimes relaxing is allowing and even the choice of what to have for dinner when removed is just a relief…..don’t worry there is also lots of free time to do what you want.

Meeting People

Retreats are a great way to meet like minded people, often attending with strangers is great, there is no baggage and you can be free with your speech and ability to let go of any masks that you may carry back home. Often the people you meet at retreats become friends for life.

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