Corporate Yoga

De-stress, revitalise, refocus. We specialise in providing yoga that is perfect for the corporate world. The technology of Kundalini yoga provides the perfect way to deliver the bite size techniques that we can realistically apply to our lives for wellbeing.

We can provide your staff with the perfect uplift and preventative ‘take home’ techniques to help them combat stress and fatigue. Life- Element provides the following services

  • Yoga in the work place, 30minutes - 120 minute sessions are available
  • Personal (1-1) yoga consultations in your offices for your staff. A range of yoga postures and breathing techniques can be used to help regain vitality and peace of mind. We can offer 30 minute - 90 minute personal consultations.
  • Corporate Yoga retreats, we can arrange for long revitalising yoga weekends or weeks away. For your staff to create team spirit and revitalise.

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