Personal Yoga Consultations

You may wish to have a personalised yoga session to work on a specific area in your life (i.e. stress reduction, breathing, energy & vitality, physical fitness, spiritual development etc.); Kundalini yoga is perfect for this! There are over 4000 published Kriyas & Meditations that we can use to develop a programme that will work for you.

We begin with a discussion to find out what your goals and needs are? We then create a programme for you, this may include, physical Kriyas, meditations, Pranayama techniques and relaxation. For optimal benefits this can include a self practise programme, to be completed in your own time. We can deliver personal sessions in your home or at yoga/health studios we are affiliated with. Alternatively we also cater for group classes taught at home with friends.

Home visits £75 per 60 mins, £90 for 90mins. (this is generally based on London zones 1-3, some locations may not be practical for a home visit). Prices in affiliated studios will differ depending on the venue contact us for more details.

If you would like to book a session, please drop me an email or call.