Sivaroshan is a level I & II trained Kundalini Yoga teacher, learning under the Tutelage of Karta Singh, founder of the Amrit Nam Sarovar International School (ANS). Having worked in the City of London for over 10 years, Sivaroshan has direct experience of applying the teachings to everyday life. He is actively working with organisations to bring yoga techniques directly to corporations to help Londoners take direct control of their wellbeing. He is committed to the ‘practical’ application of Kundalini Yoga and making it accessible to everybody, regardless of their background or circumstance. Sivaroshan draws upon over 10 years of spiritual eastern practise, which includes Raj Yoga, Buddhism and Ashtanga. His teaching style is direct, uplifting and compassionate. His aim is to empower students to find their personal strength and joy. He is also an accomplished energy healer with experience in several modalities and is currently training to be an IAYT Certifed yoga therapist, with the goal of taking the teachings into a new depth of application.

Lucinda Davies

Lucinda is a kundalini yoga teacher specialising in pre-natal classes, aswell as young children. She is the archetypal modern Londoner who has embraced the balance of being a yogi whilst also working in London; she can often be spotted motorcyling to and from her yoga classes. Her classes are subtle and she focuses on listening to what is going on inside and allowing the yoga to unfold as it will for your own personal need. Lucinda has trained up to level II with Karta Singh at the Amrit Nam Sarovar school.

Harsimran Kaur

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. A practice through which we can come into contact with our soul and tune in to the messages we receive daily from our higher self. These messages allow us to stay true to ourselves and reawaken to our true potential. Through the technology of movement, breath and mantras we can experience our power as human beings, and our ability to manifest the life that we truly want.

Harsimran likes to create a safe space where people can heal and find renewed balance and energy. Her experience as a filmmaker making spiritual and human-interest documentaries around the world has taught her how to connect to everyone she meets and find the magic behind every person’s story.
Harsimran has trained with ANS under the guidance of Karta Singh and is currently doing her Reiki Level II.

Kirinpreet Kaur (Perla)

Level I KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

With a background of over 10 years in formal and informal education, my focus is always to uplift and empower. I do so by creating a safe space for people to explore their personal abilities both physically and mentally.

Prior to fully engaging in teaching and Education I explored the worlds of Music, Biology, and Philosophy; all of which have given me great insight into the various dimensions of the world we live in. This has formed a solid foundation for me to begin my spiritual journey and learn that I want to serve through interacting directly with people. Being a classically trained musician I am a true believer in the power of sound to heal and unblock.

Through Kundalini Yoga I am able to reach people and give them tools to improve their lives significantly.

My first encounters with Kundalini Yoga, triggered bursts of enthusiasm, feelings I had forgotten how to experience. Today my aim is to awaken similar sensations in as many people as possible, leaving them feeling healthier, stronger and more excited about life. .

Arjan Deva Kaur

R.E.P.S Registered Level 3 Hatha Teacher & Kundalini Teacher

Arjan Deva Kaur started practising hatha yoga over 17 years ago after moving to London by herself from the North East of England. She then attended a health assessment in her local gym only to discover during the flexibility test that she couldn’t reach pass her knees no matter touch her toes!

Her lack of bendiness inspired her to purchase a second hand Hatha yoga book from a jumble sale and started to stretch. Realising that books weren’t enough to progress her practice she began attending regularly Iyengar yoga classes, followed a few years later by Astanga and also Hatha and Sivananda.

Because She was never a naturally flexible person, Arjan feels that she’s living proof that anyone can acquire a supple body through yoga. She also feels yoga has help to unlock her creative side and help with her novel writing career.

Back in 2004, Arjan qualified as Sivananda Hath yoga teacher after completing her course in Kerala India. She also completed the Sivananda Yoga for pregnancy and children workshop on the 26 November 2006 in Putney, London. She is due to sit her exam this autumn for Kundalini yoga teaching. She has also passed the beginners, intermediate and practitioners excellence course in Metatronic Healing and is due to complete the Advanced January 2013.

Arjan views herself as a very adaptable teacher and due to her many years of experience can offer classes to suit most peoples needs. She teaches in a kind and nurturing way, which at the same time encourages students to grow in a compassionate and inspiring way.

Example classes

1. Sivananda Yoga. A spiritual class based on the classical teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu-devananda. Following twelve postures in a set order with relaxation between each pose. Challenging but also designed to make the pupil feel relaxed. Suitable for most.

2. Kundalini yoga. As taught by yoga Bhajan. This is the royal yoga, an ancient science that is 15 times more powerful than any other yoga at breaking through mental blockages. Yogi Bhajan first bought it to the west in the late 1960’s. Before then it was only available to a select few. It uses simple yogic techniques that are suitable for all. Through chanting mantra, kriyas and pranayama, consciousness can be raised.

3 Recuperative Hatha Yoga. This class is low impact and slow moving where emphasis is on relaxation and flexibility. Poses are held for longer using props to work on the meridians and connective tissue. A peaceful meditation class to help students unwind. Can be accommodated for people with a low a level of personal fitness. Suitable for all. Can be done in chairs-

4. Power Yoga. Based on the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya. Can be adapted to all levels. This is an exciting, fast pace, challenging, creative class where the continuous linking of postures (Vinyasas) synchronised with the movement of the breath, helps to build stability, strength and flexibility; giving the body a good workout.

5. Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga. Similar to power yoga this is an invigorating class which is both fun and flowing. The first half of the class moves at a fast pace. The linking of postures dynamically helps to cultivate self-awareness and build depth of practice. The second section of the class is stamina based where postures are held to develop endurance and determination in the body and mind.

Arjan currently teachers for Life Element on Monday evenings 7-8.15pm Aquila (Kundalini)

And is also available for private one to one’s, group bookings and also guided meditations.

Please contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.