"Being in Sivaroshan's presence feels calm, uplifting and inspiring.  If you want to learn how to reconnect to peace and rebalance your mind, body and spirit, he's your man!"
Jayne Morris

"As someone who has done Hatha yoga for many years (at a very basic level) I was curious to try out Kundalini yoga. It was a revelation to me, particularly in terms of the immediate energising effects I felt. I've been doing classes with Sivaroshan for several months now, and continue to enjoy them very much. He has an engaging and responsive teaching style, and obviously knows his stuff. I'd urge anyone who might be curious to give one of his classes a try and see what it's about."

Sivaroshan's weekly kundalini class is my sanctuary from a hectic life.  Sivaroshan has a wonderful calming presence and voice which adds to the experience of each class.  I come away each time feeling relaxed and, over the next week, so much better able to cope with life's ups and downs - I mean this literally in the sense that the class levels out the emotions somehow, and brings things into perspective.
Anne Carrol